Calendar 2019-2020


Please download a copy of this years programme using the link below:

Theme Definitions & Hand-in Deadlines

Story Panel Theme

This theme is different from our usual as it will run throughout the year.

“A collection of 3 or more images which convey or depict the story of a scene/event/place etc.”

Deadline: 11th June 2020

Macro Theme

“This theme is all about using the minimum focusing distance of your lenses to your advantage. The detail and the use of Depth of Field (DoF) will be key.”

Deadline: 7th November 2019

Still Life Theme

“Images depicting inanimate objects, usually in small groupings, may also include live objects that don’t move eg. food and cut flowers.”

Deadline: 23rd January 2020

Long Exposure Theme

“An image with an exposure time of one second or longer, with clear moving element to the image.”

Deadline: 19th March 2020

Architecture & Historical Buildings Theme 

To be announced

Deadline: 11th June 2020