Landscape Competition judged by Peter Paterson FRPS MPAGB MFIAP

At this Thursday’s Kelso Camera Club meeting (26th November), Peter Paterson (FRPS MPAGB MFIAP) showed us his recent pictures from Alaska and Iceland, in both colour and mono. Being able to compare and contrast the same stunning pictures in both colour and mono was very interesting. We especially appreciated also being able to see his renowned print work since he also brought along the pictures he submitted for the MFIAP award. Many thanks to Peter for an interesting and informative evening.

Didn’t get to the meeting? Or just want to see some of the images again? Here’s the link to Peter’s website:

Peter Paterson FRPS MPAGB MFIAP: Photography My Way

Peter didn’t have things all his own way though! We persuaded him to review members’ submissions for the Landscape end-of-theme Competition for which 17 images were submitted, a great effort on the part of the Club. While the rest of us were drinking coffee and chatting, Peter did the hard work of selecting his top three from the selection presented to him, and here they are together with his comments.

First place: Maggie Ingram.

Mist over Pond Photo by Maggie Ingram

Mist over Pond
Photo by Maggie Ingram

Peter commented that he liked the atmosphere and the colours. The framing and the leading line heading out into the water were also to his taste. He told himself off for being a bit picky with the lighter area top left; he would have darkened it down a little.

Second place: Rob Gray

Lansdscape Photo by Rob Gray

Photo by Rob Gray

Peter’s comments were that again he liked the light. He especially referred to the leading lines of the lane drawing the eye into the picture, and the fact that they are diagonals keeps the eye moving. He suggested a different camera position so that there more emphasis on on a line to the clump of trees, and he suggested cropping the over exposed sun at the top to maintain the effect..

Third place: Janette Sim

Room with a view

Room with a view Photo by Janette Sim

Peter liked the out of the box thinking with this one, a creative take on the usual landscape format. The exposure is “bang on” and there are details still retained in the shadows which he liked. Peter also mentioned that the engineer in him had to comment that the window needed straightening up!

The full set of entries are here. Well done to everyone who took part.