Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Important Club Update

The camera club committee has decided that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all in-person meetings with immediate effect will be stopped, for the foreseeable future.
HOWEVER, we are planning to do online meetings and webinars.
(I know it’s not the same but we would like to keep the club going as much as we can, and we also don’t want people feeling totally cut off and have nothing for them to do)

Why did we come to this decision?
It’s simple really, several of our members fall into the “at-risk” category for a variety of health reasons. The government health advisor said that it can spread fasting in smaller groups because you are more likely to chat to everyone in that group. No-one would want to come to the club and pass it on not knowing they had it. And many of us have elderly relatives or parents and while we may not be affected too badly ourselves we don’t want to pass it on to others.

The committee is working hard behind the scenes and all love our time at the club and want to do what we can to keep it a fun learning experience. We will be testing software, which will allow us to broadcast meeting on your computer/Ipad/tablet or even phone, using a simple link.  

Further updates on the online meetings will be available soon.