Animals Theme Winners – May 2019

The winners of the Animals Theme…

Winner – “Get your own” by Tom McGovern 

I know how skittish Sparrow hawks are, so this was a hard shot to get. It is also technically accomplished with the eye in focus and the background suitably out of focus, with attractive spots of light coming through the hedge. These light spots almost suggest the hedge is full of other hawks. It is often tempting to ‘over’ crop such images and I think the photographer has resisted this urge vey sensibly.

Second Place – “Brodie” by Alex Hood 

Simply lovely. A shot that captures the dog’s expression perfectly and a bold choice of crop which certainly works. It is slightly let down by a lack of detail, so could be better technically. Having said that, I imagine the owner of the dog will cherish the image for years to come. It isn’t always about the technicalities.

Third Place – “Starling” by Alex Hood 

Technically well executed and overall very attractive. Slightly let down by the foliage intruding into the frame, but in a sense that helps draw they eye to the bird’s chest and head. Very nice!