Stichill Telephone Box Gallery/Exhibition

In April 2012 Kelso Camera Club was approached by a retired Art Teacher, Len McDermid. He had attended our Exhibition in Kelso and had been so impressed he wondered if we would be interested in staging another one in his village.  The exhibition space made the whole idea more of a challenge. Stichill village had purchased the “telephone box” from BT and it was Len’s responsibility to organise displays, etc rather than it lying idle for months on end. Club members jumped at the chance and we agreed to produce not one but two exhibitions, each lasting a month to six weeks. This meant arranging for up to 20 images with an open theme, maximum one per member.

We decided to make the most of our challenge and wrote to Borders TV, Radio Scotland and the local Press. They all responded positively highlighting the size of the exhibition space.…. and so it was in August 2012 we gathered in Stichill for the official opening. Border News certainly got a boost when a significant number of members tuned in to see themselves on the news that night.

From that date on, we have continued to provide Stichill Telephone Box with sufficient images for two exhibitions annually.

Ian Topping