Chairs Christmas Card Competition

Each year KCC have the Chairs Christmas Card Competition among its members. The winning photograph features as a Christmas greeting on the from page of KCC website. The judge this year Watson Crawford presented the, first, second and third with an ever increasing larger box of chocolates depending on your position. Here are the top three entries with the winning photo by our chair Graeme Webb showing a snowy scene of Denholm from the sky.

1st Place – Graeme

Judges comments: “A real winter wonderland vista of Denholm. Beautiful scenery and evokes the spirit of Christmas seen classic Christmas Cards for many a year. 20/20”

2nd Place – Alex

Judges comments: “A real fun Christmas Card showcasing Alex’s talent and Imagination. Very cleverly done and well thought out. 19 and a half/ 20.”

3rd Place – Ian

Judges comments: “A literal interpretation of our Christmas card theme. Fantastic photo of Stichill Church under a mass of snow. 19/20.”