Committee Meeting 11th June 2015


Present: Ian Topping Graeme Webb Cathy Simpson Nick Prior
Bill Hume Alex McSorley Richard Barwick Norman Dodds
Susan Young Jean Walley
1. Apologies. None
2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
Minutes of last meeting were accepted after Bill expressed that the reduction of funds mentioned in the last Treasurers Report was normal fluctuation at this time of year. The minutes were then agreed and proposed by Susan Young and seconded by Graeme Webb.
3. Treasurers Report
Richard stated that bank forms were still to be completed and would be taken to the bank this week. He had nothing else to report.
4. Secretary’s Report
Cathy stated that she had booked an extra room for 1st October; this is to be cancelled and rebooked for the 8th October 2015. She had also booked extra room for the 21st January and 4th February 2016 and had also booked the Town Hall for the exhibition from the 28th May to 4th June 2016. She has sent out emails regarding summer visits and will contact club members to find out how many are likely to attend the Edinburgh Festival to gain an idea as to how popular this would be and also to find out who needed lifts and who was willing to give lifts to members nearer the time. Her next task was to cancel room during holiday season.
5. Kelso Camera Club Programme for 2015 – 2016
The Programme has been drafted by Ian and Graeme and was discussed at length. Nick is leading four workshops. Peter Paterson is to agree his dated. Kevin O’Brien is also to confirm his date. Rules for exhibition and all competitions are to be drawn up and published to all members. Members will be guaranteed at least one photograph in the exhibition up to a limit of five. Norman suggested a Project for members to take part in and this will be discussed at a club night. The opening night Show and Tell has been reduced from five images to three images per member. The “Ask the Panel” night on 29th October is to include ‘how to organise your images so you can find them in the future’ led by Norman. Critique night on 5th November is to be an open theme night. Quiz night is to be organised by Jean and Cathy, to include photographs. Ian is to ‘redo’ the programme to include all alterations as discussed during this meeting and will distribute when all items are confirmed.
6. Away Days
Trip to visit Kelpies was discussed and to be held later in the year to allow for night time photography. It is to be put to member as to whether or not they would prefer a bus to be arranged to avoid car sharing. Additional informal events are to be confirmed for Saturday’s were a trip to Harestanes, Peebles and the Berwickshire coast.
7. Web Site
Graeme, Nick and Norman have worked incredibly hard at planning a new web site, the changes to be done as soon as possible. A Specification sheet was handed to all members as a means of discussion. Items added to this were: questionnaire for members to add their equipment and abilities; Constitution to be available to all who view the site. Members to be emailed with disclaimers to sign with regard to their images being used on the site, this is also to be added to a Club Welcome Pack. First instalment of the new web site will include the calendar of events, joining information and a contacts list. It was also discussed that more web space may need to be purchased at a later date.
8. Club Newsletter
Nothing else was added to the newsletter discussion apart from it being on the website and articles to be sent to Cathy as first discussed for her to forward to Graeme for inclusion in the Newsletter. It was not finalised as to whether a hard copy of the Newsletter would continue to be sent to members or if they would access it on the web site.
9. Image Bank
There are on-going discussions and research as to which image bank system would be meet our needs. Among options discussed were Google Drive, Drop Box Flicker, or simply bringing images on a USB stick to club nights. More information will be available later in the year. Panel for the competition photographs will consist of Bill as chair, and members to vote for three others.
10. AOCB
A list of Club Trophies/Cups is to be compiled and a careful record kept of winners. Jean is to have Lesley’s name engraved on the “most improved” member for 2014-2015 and well as her own name for 2015-2016.
Insurance for the club was discussed. When in the Abbey Row rooms we are covered by 3rd Party under the Abbey Row insurance. Cathy to check out cost of Insurance under the Scottish Photographic Federation for all other insurances. A complete list of equipment will be needed to consider insurance. Norman to research the cost of a new projector for the club.
The next meeting will be held at Ian’s house on 27th August at 19.00 hrs.