Interim Committee Meeting 18th January 2016


Held at the Abbey Row, Kelso on Monday 18th January 2016

The main purpose of the extra meeting was to discuss the Club’s position in reference to competitions and the selection process for images that represent the Club. There was considerable discussion on these issues and the memo below reflects the present position of the club. It was agreed that two basic principles will be the foundation of where Kelso CC stands on the issues. These are that the process is both transparent and consistent.

The Club is involved in competitions throughout the Club session through:

  1. Club themes
  2. Landscape competition
  3. Wildlife competition
  4. Inter Club competitions

In the case of the first three above there is no selection process and is open to all members. The only restriction is that members can only enter one image for each. Therefore what follows is only aimed at the Inter-Club competitions, specifically:

  1. Three way competition between Kelso, Galashiels and Earlston Camera Clubs
  2. Three way competition between Kelso, Liddesdale and Hawick Camera Clubs
  3. Border Digital Challenge
  • Kelso CC agrees to participate in competitions but will not be dominated by them.
  • Kelso CC will select the best images possible using the agreed criteria (shared with all members)Annually a selection panel will be appointed by the committee made up of four members, three of whom are seen as “experienced” members of the Club. The panel will be delegated and empowered to use their skills and judgement to select the images that will represent the Club. The panel’s decision is final.
  • Kelso CC will select images they believe will score the highest in interclub competitions based on the agreed criteria (shared with all members). However, members should accept that image selection inevitably remains somewhat subjective, as is the judging process.
  • Kelso CC will have an agreed selection process to be used by the panel which is transparent and shared with all members.
  • Kelso CC will provide regular opportunities for members to receive 1- 1 private and confidential critiques of their images. This will be done in a variety of ways including at the end of some Club nights, over a coffee at a local café or an invite to a member’s home. There may be other ways of doing this – the committee are open to further suggestions.

In order to get through more photos on Club Critique nights three or four tables will be set up for smaller groups to discuss images put forward by members. All members will be able to participate and in turn become more experienced in the process.

As well as the above all members have the opportunity to enter images for the Club Annual Exhibition where at least one image will be selected up to a maximum of 5 (depending on the number of entries and the size of the exhibition space). If required the selection panel will be asked to support this process.

All members will receive, via email or the Club’s website, copies of the Criteria for Image Critique and the new Selection Process.